Monday, July 30, 2007

Anniversary Sunday

Happy Anniversary #29 !

Where does the time go? Certainly we can not have changed much since we were those two twenty-somethings starting off on that hot July day.

We had a nice relaxing day with no big plans from the onset. Just a Sunday morning breakfast with whole grain waffles, fresh blueberries and veggie sausage. The plan was to take advantage of the free anniversary dinner certificate emailed from the "Red Rock Chili Co." at the Santa Anita Mall. Since it was a hot day, lunch and a movie sounded good. It was a flip between "The Simpsons" and the latest Harry Potter movie. Thank goodness, Harry won. Good movie, but a little overwhelming from the front row. We were late. After the movie, we checked out the food park and ordered from the Chili Co. Brent had their house chili on rice and I had the veggie version. His was OK, mine was cold. Noticed that the "Food in a Cone" shop next door had gone out of business. Seemed odd that people would even want a bread cone filled with your choice of cheeses, meats and eggs, but someone once thought it was a good idea.

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