Tuesday, July 31, 2007

That Was Me - at Paul's Secret Gig - That Was Me

Paul McCartney Plays Secret Show at Amoeba Records - June 27, 2007

Was I really going to do this one more time? Evidently so. Wait in line for half a day to be number 161 inside the store? No problem. There were around 700 people in the Amoeba Record store on Sunset Blvd. in Hollywood, and my friend Trini and I were dead center -- right in the "Paul McCartney" cd section as a matter of fact. Was it worth it? Oh yeah, it was. We stood right behind Ringo, Ringo's wife and Olivia Harrison. Ringo, right there standing in front of me having an equally hard time seeing over the cd racks. He had a big smile on his face. Was there a chance he would join Paul on the tiny stage? He didn't, but they were there, together. Fantastic sound. Who gets to see Paul McCartney play a 20 song concert in a record store with his big arena band? The songs were all perfect: "Back in the USSR", "Let it Be", everyone nodding their head to "Nod your Head". During the solo acoustic version of "Here Today", you could hear a pin drop. Paul got choked up; we got choked up. We really felt like we were there to get him through the song. Singing and swaying to Hey Jude with an array of diverse but like-minded new and old fans. During the show, Paul said what we were all thinking, "I'd like to take a little moment to take this all in. I was there. I was there at Amoeba." Maybe I'm amazed.

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