Sunday, August 19, 2007

The Seal and Navy Dolphins

Weekend in San Diego

We had a fun couple of days in San Diego visiting Amber. Friday was a day at Sea World. Haven't been there for a long time and it was a nice cool day visiting Shamu and the shows. We stayed until closing to see the nighttime shows that are different from the shows during the day. It seems like the various "Shamus" have grown considerably since we were there last. The sea lion show is always my favorite as they spoof the other shows and the sea lions are always good for a laugh.

The main plan for Saturday was a ride on "The Seal" which is the boat/touring bus tour that takes off from Seaport Village. Amber, her roommates Chris and Ben, along with Ben's parents from Denver, joined us for the tour. We were hoping to get a good view of the Navy Marine Mammal Training Facility where they work. Since it is on a restricted base, the Seal Tour afforded us our best chance to get a look at where they spend their work days.

The boat ride is really fun and you pick up a lot of good information about the history of San Diego. I didn't know that the historic Charles Lindberg plane, the "Spirit of St. Louis" was actually built and tested in San Diego. We went by where it was built, which was used to be a tuna cannery. The land part of the tour is nice and breezy as the guide described the history of the San Diego bay area.

We lucked out and actually got to see some of the dolphins Amber works with. As we went by the Marine Mammal Training Facility some of the trainers working Saturday were out there with the dolphins. We were so excited to see several beautiful dolphins doing jumps and the whole boat/tour bus cheered.

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