Sunday, November 11, 2007

Glorious Britain !!!

A week in England with my friend from work Mary -- and Haley --- who was originally just Mary's friend. Haley is a kindred spirit and fellow Beatle fan. So, . . . it happened that Mary and Haley were planning a wonderful journey to England to include a pilgrimage to all points Beatle, maybe a little Harry Potter, with the express intention to get Haley back to the UK and get Mary there for the first time road trip. One day they came down to the Times cafeteria for lunch to tell me all about it. We didn't document the date, but it may have been August? Their plans sounded fabulous. They were going to do almost 3 weeks visiting London, Liverpool and as far north as they could manage. Well it sounded amazing. So as we bid goodbye, Haley said, "You know, you could come along too." I said, "Oh no. I couldn't. I shouldn't" as I bid them goodbye and happy planning. That evening, I was telling Brent about their plans, and he said, "You ought to go." Hmmmm . . .

So, after several conference call planning sessions and by the grace of my frequent flyer account ----------> TA DA !!!

On October 12, the 3 of us, taking 3 different flights met at Heathrow Airport in London to start our adventure! Let me skip to the bottom to say that it came out perfectly! I only had a week, and Mary and Haley would journey on. Over the next few days I will add some of my favorite pictures and memories from the trip.

And thanks so much, Mary and Haley, for including me along on your adventure.

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